Fishing with a Purpose

Welcome to The Striped Bass Challenge – where passion for angling meets community service. Established with the dual purpose of enjoying the art of striped bass fishing and giving back to the community, we are more than just a fishing tournament. We are a movement, a community, and a force for good.

Our Mission

At the core of The Striped Bass Challenge lies our mission:

Community Outreach

Through our tournaments, we have successfully raised funds and collected food for local food banks, supporting people in need in the communities where the tournaments are held.

Engaging the Youth

We firmly believe in the power of the outdoors. Encouraging children and young people to spend quality time outside, we aim to foster a genuine appreciation for our natural resources, steering them away from the continuous lure of electronic screens.

Conservation & Education

The Striped Bass Challenge champions the conservation of striped bass. We strive to educate our anglers on the importance of conservation, ensuring they are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to weigh their catch and return them live to the lake.

Promoting Anglers' Rights

Every angler, whether a seasoned professional or a young enthusiast, has the right to enjoy fishing. We proudly work in collaboration with groups advocating for the protection of our great outdoors and the rights of anglers.

Our Impact

In the past, with the continuous support of our sponsors and the unwavering commitment of our participants, we’ve achieved:

  • Over $56,000 raised for community services and non-profits in a single year.
  • A growing community, with over 1200 anglers participating in our events and an average of 400 anglers per event.
  • A vast outreach, attracting anglers and their families from numerous states.

Our Partners

We owe our success to our incredible sponsors including Bass Pro Shop, American Ethanol, Grizzly Coolers, Costa, Minn Kota, Betts Tackle, Humminbird, Cometic Gasket, Hunt Brothers Pizza, and Hurricane Express Wash. Their investments don’t just fuel the tournaments, but they kindle hope and impact lives across several communities.

Upcoming Events

We’ve lined up an exciting series of tournaments for the upcoming year. From the ‘Winter Classic’ at Lake Hartwell to the ‘Cherokee Chase’ at Lake Cherokee, each event promises unparalleled excitement and an opportunity to make a difference. Click here to see the schedule!

Join Us

Whether you’re an angler, a community supporter, or a business looking to make an impact, we invite you to join us in our journey. Together, we can fish, have fun, and foster a brighter, more connected community.

To know more or for partnership opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Facebook page.